• Pizza
  • Pastry with extra cheese, red dip on the side
  • Mixed salad
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About us

As a restaurant that serves authentic Brooklyn-style pizza, there’s a lot of talk about how we’re able to capture the rich flavors of our favorite borough. Some say it’s because we make our dough fresh every day, bake it in a brick oven, and use fine ingredients. Others say it’s because of the passion we have for the cuisine we grew up with. After all, alongside our classic pies, we have a menu of pasta, strombolis, calzones, and signature slices rotating throughout the week.

But if you ask us what our secret is, we’ll tell you we simply care about our customers and love cooking for them. If you’re looking for the flavors of New York, prepare for a 1,800-mile journey with us beginning as soon as you take your first bite.